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Focus webinar: Understanding interfacial tension

Focus Webinar

Understanding interfacial tension

Create the perfect mix


Have you ever asked yourself why certain liquids mix while others do not? Do you know exactly why oil and water prefer to remain separate - and what you can do to bring them together?


Knowledge of the underlying principles of interfacial tension will answer these questions and provide you with an enormous advantage for building optimized processes where liquids interact with each other.


Sign up for this focus webinar with Dr. Youssef Akil to get a comprehensive insight into the topic and learn what you can do to influence and control the interactions between different liquids.


What you can expect


Webinar on demand

If you register, you can access the recorded version of this webinar immediately.




Application examples in this webinar

  • Measurement of transformer oils (according to ASTM D 971 and IEC 62961)
  • Selection of the best cleaning agent for an individual contamination
  • Selection of the best surfactant to improve oil recovery
  • Selection of the best surfactant for good emulsification properties
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