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Sample holders and preparation sets for analyzing solids


Preparation set and holder for measurement of multiple fibers

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The thinner your fibers, the lower the measurable wetting forces. With the TO0810 fiber holder and preparation set, you can measure with up to five fibers at the same time and thus obtain even more reliable measured values thanks to five times the force.


The fiber holders in the set are plastic clips that fix the samples vertically using a light-curing adhesive. The clips are then precisely inserted into the five-fold adapter for the tensiometer's force sensor.


With the very fine tip of the supplied adhesive cartridge, the tiny drop of adhesive can be precisely dispensed. For easier handling, the cartridge sits in a holder equipped with a blue light source on the opposite side. The adhesive is cured after just 10 seconds.


The following components are included in the scope of supply:


  •  Force sensor adapter for up to five fiber samples

  • 1000 plastic clips (available as spare part SH0902)

  • Tube of adhesive, inserted in a holder with a fitted blue light source (available as spare part TO0911)

  • Scalpel with five blades

  • Scissors

  • Tweezers

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