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Surface Structure Design Show

In cooperation with Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.
November 29 - December 1, 2023
Koto - Tokyo Big Sight,
Tokyo, Japan

Surface Structure Design Show

Comprehensive exhibition of surface treatment technology that pursues the limit of processing/evolving


A “technical exhibition” that provides optimal solutions to the diversifying challenges and needs of manufacturing. The fields that require manufacturing technology are diversifying, such as automobiles, aerospace, electrical/electronics, medical equipment, and food processing. Against this background, what is universally sought after is unique "technology" that provides high added value and high functionality that cannot be found anywhere else.


"High-precision and difficult-to-process technology exhibition" will introduce more advanced manufacturing technology with the theme of pursuing the limit, and will also disseminate 3D printer-related technology, which is one of the innovative fields that will support future manufacturing [3D modeling] Technology/AM Zone], and [Prototype Market (Prototype Processing Contract Zone)] specializing in prototyping, which enables high-mix low-volume production and short delivery times and plays an important role in product development.


As a comprehensive exhibition of surface treatment technology, "Surface Modification Expo" introduces various technologies that improve wear resistance through heat treatment and plating, and achieve high added value and high functionality through longer life.

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