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ADVANCE software with new features: Cyclic measurements and enhanced powder wetting analysis

Upgrade with automated repetitions of measurements and the new Washburn Direct method for contact angles on porous samples

In the next few days we will be making the new version 1.12 of our ADVANCE software available. With an upgrade you can extend the automation possibilities with a function for cyclical repetitions and have a new, superior method for tensiometric contact angle measurements on powders and other porous samples.

Repeat measurements fully automatically and evaluate them together

The software-controlled components of our measuring instruments can already be quickly and easily integrated into flexible automation programs. In addition, the new cycle function allows automatic repetition of measurements, which are then presented in clearly arranged comparative displays. As an option, a sweep, in which a selected parameter is changed step by step from measurement to measurement, can be used to investigate dynamics or temperature dependencies fully automatically. Currently, our Drop Shape Analyzers, our Foam Analyzers and the Force Tenisiometer – K100 work together with the new cycle function.



Simple and reliable measurement of powder contact angle

For powder contact angle measurements, ADVANCE 1.12 offers the new Washburn Direct method, which greatly simplifies evaluation and, above all, ensures reliable results. Users of the helpful but demanding Washburn method in its classical approach know how difficult it can be to define the expected linear range of the measurement curve. The thus determined contact angle value depends on user decisions, with sometimes considerable differences.


The new Washburn Direct method eliminates these difficulties. Instead of displaying the square of the mass of the liquid adsorbed by the powder as a function of time, it is now possible, through clever calculations, to plot the contact angle directly against time. The resulting plateau reliably reflects the relevant range in which the result is independent of the rise of the liquid in the Washburn tube and can be determined very easily. Inadequate sample preparation is immediately recognizable from the measurement curve – in contrast to the large scope for interpretation of the classical method. The statistical error evaluation that is now possible, as the contact angle is the average value of a large amount of data, is also advantageous.


Our customers with an ADVANCE Software Assurance will automatically receive the upcoming version 1.12 with the new measuring options. If you are also interested in upgrading to ADVANCE 1.12 or concluding a Software Assurance contract, your Technical Consultant will be happy to support you.

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