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New in ADVANCE software: Quality evaluation and advanced contact angle automation

Have your results automatically validated and simplify your Wilhelmy measurements

With a new feature for all measurement methods, the upgrade to ADVANCE 1.14 is really worth it: All your results can now be automatically validated against self-defined criteria. For the Force Tensiometer - K100, ADVANCE now also comes with extended automation options for the Wilhelmy contact angle.


Automatic quality evaluation of your measurements - even from your web browser


For your analyses, you have certainly developed criteria to check the validity of the results – whether you have to comply with limits for quality assurance or want to set a frame for the maximum measurement uncertainty. For this purpose, you can now define validation rules in ADVANCE 1.14, which are then applied to each measurement carried out with the corresponding measurement template. After the measurement is completed, ADVANCE shows you at a glance whether the result is valid. The rules are optionally based on limit values or the standard deviation of the mean value and can be combined as desired.


ADVANCE goes one step further with a new WebApp. This allows measurements to be started remotely from a browser with one click. Then you receive a quality assessment based on your validation rules as direct feedback. 


Wilhelmy contact angle with extended automation


Users of a Force Tensiometer – K100 benefit from an additional automation function for Wilhelmy contact angles. This method uses a regression over a linear range of the measurement curve. In ADVANCE 1.14, you can set the limits for the regression in the automation of the measurement template instead of doing this manually for each measurement afterwards.


Our customers with ADVANCE Software Assurance will automatically receive version 1.14 with the result validation and the extended Wilhelmy contact angle measurement and can purchase the WebApp as an extended license. If you are also interested in upgrading, the WebApp, or signing a Software Assurance contract, your Technical Consultant or KRÜSS distributor will be happy to help you.

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Just get in touch if you want to upgrade to ADVANCE 1.14 and automatically validate your results – in ADVANCE or even in your web browser.

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