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New in our ADVANCE software: User rights management and comprehensive adhesion analysis

Upgrade with convenient and secure access control as well as comprehensive evaluation of wetting processes

Maintain an overview and control access to measurements and projects: With the user rights management in the new version 1.11 of our ADVANCE software, you achieve the ideal balance between transparency and data security. As ADVANCE Adminstrator you assign the desired access rights to the team members in simple steps. Thanks to intelligent inheritance logic, these rights hardly need to be adapted and can be transferred to any team member in a single step by setting up user groups. If you are logged in as a team member, you have of course access to the directories and measurements you have created yourself by default. ADVANCE Upgrade Assurance users automatically receive version 1.11 and can use user rights management without extending their license.


Optimize wettability and adhesion based on valuable data: ADVANCE 1.11 offers the Adhesion Analysis module as an extension of the surface energy calculation with new evaluation options. Parameters such as the expected adhesion or interfacial tension can not only be calculated for a given solid-liquid combination, but can also be estimated in advance for any substance. A diagram shows at a glance how solids or liquids such as coating materials can be changed to improve interface contact.


Our customers with an ADVANCE Software Assurance will automatically receive version 1.11 with the new URM function and will also be equipped with Adhesion Analysis as a user of surface free energy calculation. If you are also interested in upgrading to ADVANCE 1.11, getting an extended license for Adhesion Analysis, or concluding a Software Assurance contract, your Technical Consultant will be happy to support you.

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