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One for all: the flexible Dosing Hub for contact angles with different dosing solutions

The automatic changing and positioning system integrates up to three dosing units simultaneously in wetting analyses.

With the Dosing Hub, KRÜSS is launching a system solution for contact angle measurements that is designed for automatic dosing sequences with up to three different dosing units. With high speed and precise positioning, the system enables reliable wetting analyses with up to four liquids and masters challenging measurement tasks with special dosing units.

Great time savings for automatic wetting analyses


The success of coating and bonding as well as many other surface processes depends on wettability. The relevant parameters are contact angle and surface free energy (SFE), which are measured with drops of one or more liquids that are dispensed onto the material. Automation of dosing devices has advanced in recent years and has simplified serial testing of materials. However, the often-cumbersome change of liquids and slow positioning and dosing were unsatisfactory and led to time losses. The Dosing Hub simplifies and speeds up these procedures considerably.


First, the Dosing Hub saves time by changing the dosing liquid particularly quickly and transporting it swiftly to the programmed dosing height. In addition, the system works together with the exclusive Liquid Needle double-dosing unit, which enables measurements of the SFE with two liquids in a matter of seconds. By combining this system with up to two syringe dosing units, even fully automatic SFE determinations with four liquids can be carried out in very short time. Another advantage is the direct dosing without hose lines, which prevents disturbing air bubbles and minimizes the material contact of the substances.

Smooth measuring processes even with special dosing units

Special problems require special solutions for dosing – for example, temperature control of the liquid to simulate conditions close to the process. The Dosing Hub is designed to position such massive dosing solutions with pinpoint accuracy. A great deal of flexibility is provided when combining it with a syringe dosing unit or the liquid needle. This means that routine measurements and special measuring tasks can be carried out alternately without having to change the instrument setup.
The Dosing Hub is available immediately for the KRÜSS DSA30 and DSA100 Drop Shape Analyzers; there are a variety of upgrade options for older measuring instruments.

One for all: the Dosing Hub for positioning up to three different dosing units for contact angle measurements
One for all: the Dosing Hub for positioning up to three different dosing units for contact angle measurements

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