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Quality control of foam

Whether you love foam or want to leave it, learn why it's a puzzle that can be solved


The dynamic nature of bubbles presents a world of possibilities


Foam is versatile, making it widely useful, but also sometimes a challenge to control. The ability to accurately measure its characteristics puts quality specialists in the driver’s seat to make data-driven improvements throughout the process – whether foam is the end product, a necessary byproduct or even an unwelcome side effect.

What is your material?

What is your process?

Production of cement and concrete

Interfacial chemistry measuring methods for the material behavior before and after setting

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Production of latex

Investigations into the wetting of immersion molds and into dispersion and emulsion stability

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Characterization of surfactants

Advanced methods for the investigation of cleaning and wettings agents, emulsifiers, foamers, and more

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Foam is the union of two phase systems consisting of gaseous bubbles which are separated by liquid lamella …


Foam formation

Foam analysis methods for foam-producing liquids

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Ross-Miles method

The Ross-Miles method is used for measuring the foamability of surfactant solutions and the stability …


Foam analysis

Automatic Ross-Miles foam analysis | RMFA

The Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA is the world‘s first instrument for automatic measurements of foamability and foam stability in accordance with ASTM D 1173. Thanks to narrowly observed m

Coating of fibers

Methods for monitoring wetting, adhesion and cleaning

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Foam Tester – FT for measuring foam formation and decay speed


Measuring foam formation and decay speed for quality control - reliably and reproducibly

Foam Tester

Paints, inks and varnishes as liquids

Surface science methods to improve wetting, dispersion stability and foam prevention

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Foam analysis

All-around scientific characterization of foam | DFA100

Foam in everyday products as well as technical applications appears in manifold forms and is often produced on purpose, but can also be undesired. Our Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100 helps to

A reliable method for monitoring the aging and performance of cooling liquids used in machining processes

Microbubbles and foaming behavior of fresh and used cooling liquids

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Foam inhibition

Measurements for avoiding and inhibiting foam formation

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Inkjet printing

Optimization of the ink, the printing process and the substrate with surface science methods

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Foam Flash

Foam Flash (or Flash Foam) refers to the foam formation behavior of a liquid during foaming, i.e. the …


Application of surfactants

Interfacial chemistry measuring methods for the research and development of surfactants and their technical …

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Metal plating

Interfacial measurement techniques for characterizing wetting agents and checking for their concentration

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Surface Science Online Course

Increase your knowledge and update your practical expertise in the field of surface science. Facilitated …


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