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ASTM D1173-07

Standard test method for foaming properties of surface-active agents

This test method covers the determination of foaming properties of surface-active agents. Glass tubing apparatus for this test method shall include pipet and a receiver. Apparatus requirements like dimensions, shape, calibration marks, rubber stoppers, etc., shall conform to the specifications as indicated in this standard method. Test solution preparation shall include water preheating, adding the surface-active agent while stirring, and solution aging. Test procedure for foaming properties determination shall be done while the surface-active solution is aging as indicated in this standard test method. The report shall include test solution concentration, temperature, water hardness, and foam height.

We perform your measurements according to ASTM D1173-07 

Our Lab Team uses specially designed equipment for electronic, reliable, user-independent foam height measurements in accordance with ASTM D1173-07 (Ross-Miles). Simply contact us, entrust us with your samples, and receive a comprehensive, digital measurement report.


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