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Universal analysis of liquid and solid surfaces | K100

Determining surface and interfacial tension, contact angles, or critical micelle concentration is necessary in many industries. Whether improving surfactants, cosmetics, inks, or pharmaceutical ingredients, the benchmark tensiometer K100 is ready to give you fast and reliable results with a high degree of automation.


How to: Cleaning ring and plate | K-series

When carrying out measurements with a Force Tensiometer, accuracy, longevity of accessories, and even your safety depend on a proper cleaning procedure for the measuring probes. We show you how to get rid of different kinds of contamination after a measurement and how to prepare the next one.


How to: Finding a suitable location for your Force Tensiometer | K100

The Force Tensiometer is a highly sensitive precision instrument. To help you obtain reliable results, we show you how to provide for a suitable location for your instrument. Watch how to detect affecting vibrations and learn how to deal with them as well as with drafts and other disturbances.

Foam analysis

Automatic Ross-Miles foam analysis | RMFA

The Ross Miles Foam Analyzer – RMFA is the world‘s first instrument for automatic measurements of foamability and foam stability in accordance with ASTM D 1173. Thanks to narrowly observed measuring times as per Ross-Miles and a height resolution of 0.4 mm, analyses in accordance with the standard achieve precision and repeatability that was previously unheard of.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Drop Shape

Comprehensive wetting and adhesion analysis requires intelligent and versatile software – like ADVANCE. The software supports every degree of automization up to full software control of surface free energy (SFE) measurement, SFE mapping, or tilting experiments. Using our liquid needle dosing technique, ADVANCE even accesses the SFE within a second.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | General Overview

ADVANCE is the universal software tool for our surface science measurements which sets new standards in intuitive operation. Easy-to-create automation programs, prepared measurement templates, and comprehensive result presentation and evaluation are just some of the many powerful functions.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Foam Analysis

ADVANCE, the software for the Dynamic Foam Analyzer – DFA100, is an intuitive and very powerful tool for controlling foam measurements and analyzing the data. Its workflow-oriented user interface makes it easy to prepare measurements of foamability, foam stability, liquid content, and bubble structure, all of which can even be carried out simultaneously.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Adhesion Analysis

The Adhesion Analysis of ADVANCE makes the most of your surface free energy results by calculating scientific parameters for the contact between a solid and a liquid in order assess adhesion. You can also learn how to improve adhesion, for example by increasing the polarity of a material up to the value determined as optimal.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Automation Program

ADVANCE comes with flexible means of creating automation programs, incorporating instrument components and data processing functions. Depending on the equipment, these programs are capable of carrying out complete sample analyses. Saving the automation program in a template makes it available for further measurements in order to achieve maximum repeatability.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Drop Shape: Image to result assignment

The video image of a drop is the basic raw data resource of a drop shape analysis. ADVANCE makes it very easy to access the corresponding images for every result and to even reanalyze them with a different fitting method subsequently.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Drop Shape: One-click SFE measurement

Surface free energy (SFE) determination used to be time-consuming, having to dose drops of at least two liquids, to measure their contact angles and then to calculate the SFE. ADVANCE carries out all these steps fully automatically in only a second, using the Liquid Needle dosing technology.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Drop Shape: Background recording

With ADVANCE, you can get the maximum of information from a wetting process without having to care about starting a measurement at the right time. The background recording automatically saves everything that happens in the video image in a comfortably wide time range.

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