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ADVANCE Software

How to: Fix a black live image in ADVANCE | MSA, DSA25/30/100

There are a few reasons why ADVANCE might not display a camera image but rather a black tile instead. We show you where to look for the cause and explain the easy steps for making ADVANCE work together with the camera.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Templates

ADVANCE uses measurement templates as a quick and easy way to create a measurement with all its required parameters and automation functions. The consequent and easy use of templates makes preparation very fast and ensures that one and the same task is always solved in exactly the same way, making the results absolutely comparable.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | User Rights Management

The user rights management (URM) feature of ADVANCE helps you and your team to ensure both data security and a clear and transparent structure of stored results.

ADVANCE Software

ADVANCE | Substance Database

ADVANCE uses a comprehensive and expandable substance database for measurements and scientific evaluations. This contains the most relevant substances for surface science and their relevant physical data from the scientific literature.

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