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Give me five

Wetting measurements on fibers with up to 5 samples at a time

With the new TO0810 multi-fiber holder, you multiply the wetting force on fiber samples and quickly arrive at a reliable mean value for the fiber contact angle.

For the quality of fiber-reinforced polymers or for the development of hair care products, fiber wettability is an important parameter – but it is not always easy to measure. The tiny wetting forces can only be reliably detected with very precise force sensors. However, if you do not want to use a special instrument for single fibers like our Force Tensiometer – K100SF, but rather be as flexible as possible in the application possibilities, the new fiber holder TO0810 for the K100 can help.


The simultaneous measurement on up to 5 fibers gives you a correspondingly multiplied wetting force that can be reliably evaluated. The holder is also advantageous for thicker fibers, which would also allow individual measurements, because you immediately receive an average value for several samples. Together with the holder, we supply practical clips that straighten the fibers, as well as a light-curing adhesive for quick and easy insertion of the samples.


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