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Application Reports

Tap into these scientific studies for insight into concrete examples of real-life applications


Wetting and roughness – What to do if Wenzel does not work?

How contact angle measurements and confocal microscopy can provide an empirical solution

Application Report

Interfacial Rheology of Particle-Laden Interfaces

Formation and stability of Pickering emulsions

Application Report

Why test inks cannot tell the full truth about surface free energy

A comparative study between test inks and contact angle measurements in our laboratory

Application Report

Ultralow interfacial tension in enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

Investigation of a biosurfactant for the environmentally friendly increase of the extraction yield

Application Report

Foamability of different milk types, and stability and structure of the foam produced

Scientific milk foam analyses at different temperatures

Application Report

Development of customized demulsifiers

Interfacial rheological measurements on crude oil emulsions

Application Report

Characterizing particle size of filler materials quickly and easily

Sedimentation measurements on calcium carbonate powders with a tensiometer

Application Report

A reliable method for monitoring the aging and performance of cooling liquids used in machining processes

Microbubbles and foaming behavior of fresh and used cooling liquids

Application Report

Development of a measuring method for characterizing the surface of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

Hydrophobic Recovery and Wilhelmy measuring method with acrylic-acid-based products

Application Report

Characterization of a versatile emulsifier for low-viscous formulations and liposomal structures

Interfacial analysis of the surfactant polyglyceryl-10 monooleate as part of a comprehensive product …

Application Report

Predicting coatability

Contact angle and surface tension results as a basis for targeted development of coating formulations

Application Report

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